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Message from Management
About PT Merapi Utama Pharma
We are one of pharmaceutical & healthcare distribution service company with the existing 33 branches all over Indonesia. We are privately owned corporation with 1000 employees all over Indonesia.

PT Merapi Utama Pharma was established in 1973, when we changed the status of the company from CV Merapi Trading Co. to PT Merapi Utama Pharma.

Over the last 34 years we have established a national reputation for developing relationship between Principals & Outlets by distributing their products as per needed at the right moment, in the right place

PT Merapi Utama Pharma's management created a unique corporate culture that fosters and enhances individual creative thought within a team framework, by implementing 3 F (Focus, Fast & Flexible). FOCUS, focussing on the effort of improving the total service. FAST, fast in proceeding any needed action. FLEXIBLE, flexible in implementing business policy,based on win-win principle.